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Sadsbury Township Board of Supervisors

The Sadsbury Township Board of Supervisors
  • Chairman - James L. Ranck, (Jan. 2016 - Jan. 2023) seated on Gene's right. 
  • Vice Chairman - N. Eugene Lammey, (Jan. 2018 - Jan. 2025) seated in the center.
  • Member  - Jeffery S Priddy, (Jan. 2020 - Jan. 2027) seated on Gene's left.
If you wish to speak with a Township Supervisor please call the Township Office at 610.593.6796

2021 Board of Supervisors Meeting Schedule
The second meeting of the month may be canceled if there is not enough of items for the Board to discuss.
SEPTEMBER 7, @ 7:00 PM
SEPTEMBER 21, @ 4:30 PM - Canceled
OCTOBER 5,  @ 7:00 PM
OCTOBER 19, @ 4:30 PM
NOVEMBER 9, @ 7:00 PM
NOVEMBER 16, @ 4:30 PM
DECEMBER 7, @ 7:00 PM
DECEMBER 21, @ 4:30 PM

Meet the Board of Supervisor's
In case you have not been introduced to Chairman Ranck let me share a little about Jim Ranck with you.  Jim resides on White Oak Road with his wife Joan they have three adult children and seven grandchildren.  Jim has been a resident of the Township since 1970.  Jim is the owner of Noble Oak Farm, a hog, chicken, and grain farm.  
Vice Chairman, Gene Lammey, has been serving on the board of Supervisor since 1991.  We are thankful for Gene's years of dedication to the Township as he is a great source for history of the Township policies.  Gene and his wife Louann live along Christiana Pike. Recently I learned Gene is a very good gospel singer. 
     Jeff has been a resident of the Township for twenty years. He has served on the zoning hearing board for over 10 years. Six of those years he has presided as chairman. Jeff and his family live on Jackson Road. Jeff is a licensed Commercial Plumber and enjoys camping with his family. Jeff also likes spending time hunting, especially in West Virginia. Jeff and his wife Sheri have three daughters.