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2017 Building Project

The Sadsbury Township Building Project is underway, after lots of planning construction began on March 14, 2017.  We needed to replace the roof and that gave us the opportunity to add additional storage for records and supplies.  We are very thankful we are able to keep the project cost down with the help of the community. The community of Sadsbury Township is volunteering labor and some materials for the project.  If you are interested in helping please contact the Township Office.  
August 2017 Update Your help is still needed at the Township Building Project.  We are coming down the home stretch... but help is still needed we are finishing drywall, painting, and installing flooring.  
Take a minute to scroll through our pictures and see our progress......
Community Members helping our  Roadmaster, Bill Davis pour the footer for the new bay.
Roadmaster and crew removing the office wall.
Exterior wall is coming down in order for the new wall to support the new roof trusses.
The first load of building materials arrived on site.
New Footer with rebar for the walls of the new Equipment Bay.
Ready to pour the walls of the new Equipment Bay.
The new back wall that will support the Trusses.
And the Trusses Arrived on site...........
At 7:00 AM  the First Truss was sitting on the Roof.
Before lunchtime, the trusses were almost all set into place.
I sure am glad I was the on the ground taking pictures and not up there installing trusses.
The trusses are covered with plywood and the felt is started.
Enclosed the Gable on the Office Facade.
Rear facade getting ready for metal siding.
Two of our Supervisor's cooking lunch for the Volunteers.
Rear facade is looking good.
Closing up the Gable, so Thankful to our Volunteers as the project is coming together.
Even the Township Sign is getting a fresh coat of paint.
Stone veneer being installed on the office facade.
Linda being instructed by our Roadmaster how to operate the lift.
The Township building has come a long way three months.
Volunteer Night - 24 members of the community showed up to lend a hand.
Just another Thursday night work crew at the Township.
Some Ladies decided to do some insulating in the office.
New Meeting Room Door is being installed.
Now, that is team work two lifts working together to install 16' long ceiling panels.
Especially happy to see Donald to help run Township equipment to make the job easier for the Volunteers.
Stairs to 2nd Floor Storage for Office and Shop.  Volunteers have been busy filling the cracks and sanding.
Jim is prepping the Meeting Room floor for new vinyl tiles. 
The Office is almost complete just a few final touches to be done.
The 2nd Floor Shop Storage is complete.  
These volunteers had fun learning to walk!!!
The 2nd Floor Office Storage is almost ready for paint, trim, and flooring. 
It's amazing what Community Teamwork can do, over 100 volunteers have donated time and materials to the Sadsbury Township Builidng Project.