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Welcome to the Sadsbury Township Website.  We hope you find our website informative. If you are new to the Township welcome.  

The Township would encourage residents to inspect their mailbox post before the snow begins to fall. If the post is rotted or starting to deteriorate, it's possible the force of the snow coming off the plow will knock your post over. One of the common complaints is damage to mailboxes and lawn edges. We apologize if our plows or force of throwing snow cause damage to your property, but we need to clear the roads. You can install snow stakes to alert drivers of your mailbox or lawn edge. If possible, park all vehicles in your driveway so snow plow drivers can clear the roads. It's our goal to get you where you need to be safely. We also hope to avoid causing any property damage in the road right-of-way. It's a rough job, but we are prepared with plenty of drivers and a good supply of road salt to start the season. We have forty-four miles of road to plow in the Township and 20 miles that PennDot will maintain. Please report any issues you find to the Township. If the office isn't open, leave a message. Messages are checked regularly often times someone is in the office doing a snow event.

Sadsbury Township Zoning Map

Please continue to make the Township aware of any issues you see, we care and are here to serve the community. If we are unavailable to take your call please leave us a detailed message at 610-593-6796