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Welcome to the Sadsbury Township Website.  We hope you find our website informative. If you are new to the Township welcome.  It is budget season at the Township on Nov 7, the Board of Supervisors approved the Proposed 2019 Budget.  The Budget is available in the office for the public to review.  The 2019 Budget will be approved on December 4, at the Board of Supervisors meeting.
Sadsbury Township Zoning Map
Well we had our first Snow Storm, it was a bit early in the season but the Township was ready.  We had spreaders and plows on the trucks and we began work on the roads at 11:00 am.  We received several calls and appreciate your concern.  Please continue to make the Township aware of any issues you see, we care and are here to serve the community. If we are unavailable to take your call please leave us a detailed message at 610-593-6796.