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Welcome to the Sadsbury Township Website.  We hope you find our website informative. If you are new to the Township welcome.  It is budget season at the Township on Nov 7, the Board of Supervisors approved the Proposed 2019 Budget.  The Budget is available in the office for the public to review.  The 2019 Budget will be approved on December 4, at the Board of Supervisors meeting.

THE SUMMER HEAT IS HERE......on hot sunny days the road surface heats up and you may see the road surface look wet.  This is the oil heating up and coming to the surface, this is a common issue Road Departments deal with.  Last year, the media termed this issue “melting roads” If you do a google search you will see Fox and WGAL reported stories about the “melting roads in Lancaster County".  Last year, our issues were on Quaker Church and Vintage Roads, hopefully they won’t be a problem this year, but we are keeping an eye on them on the hot days.  This year, the issues have been on Upper Valley Road and we expected this as it was resurfaced last summer.  If the oil in the road gets hot enough, it will detach from the road surface, we've applied stone to help absorb the soft oil.  A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all the Residents along Upper Valley Road who brought our Public Works Department staff water the last few days, as we shoveled stone onto the road surface. 

Sadsbury Township Zoning Map

Please continue to make the Township aware of any issues you see, we care and are here to serve the community. If we are unavailable to take your call please leave us a detailed message at 610-593-6796.